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HVYPAA is now ESCYPAA X Host! (preregister below)

The Hudson Valley YPAA committee has been awarded ESCYPAA X! We are excited by (and in some trepidation of) the monumental task of putting together a statewide convention, and humbled by the trust that has been placed in us.

If you're interested in attending, please preregister! Preregistration is currently $20, we are currently accepting both Cash App and Venmo.

Instructions for preregistration:

  1. Send monies via $ESCYPAAX (Cash App) or @ESCYPAAX (Venmo) (unless you just handed a committee member cash)

    1. Careful with your math if buying multiple preregistrations/scholarships or a mix!

  2. Fill out the form below

    1. If you paid via Cash App or Venmo, be sure to put the name of the account you paid from in the appropriate field

  3. Done!


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