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We "have been given a quiet place in bright sunshine." - Bill Wilson, "The Best of Bi

Hello YPAA family. We have some housekeeping to do!

HVYPAA has moved to an onine meeting, for access to this meeting please email or send us a message on the website. The days and times are the same!

We are currently reviewing our Bonfire date and will bring it to you as soon as we have decided what the best course of action is to take so that we are all healthy and safe while we fellowship.

Please reach out during this time if you need help, think you have a drinking problem, or are looking to come back into our family. We have strength in unity and living in today while investing in tomorrow is part of the YPAA experience.

We hope you have found your "quiet place in bright sunshine" and we are always here for you.

In love and service,


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