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HVYPAA Elections

Hello Visitors,

Well its a new year with Hvypaa and so far we have had a good turn out. We would like to first thank everyone who stood for a position in Hvypaa. As many know Hvypaa only works when we have other AA members come out and help make a difference. Although not everyone was placed in a position they may have wanted it was great to see that didn't turn them away. We want to welcome all of our new chairs to their positions and let us do what we can and when we can where ever we can help. To all others we still have open positions that need filled. There is not one position that is more important then the other and it takes Unity to become the helping hands for our fellow AA Brothers and Sisters. So on the 2nd Thursday in Kingston at the Old Dutch Church at 6:15pm and 4th Tuesday in Hyde Park at the Reformed Dutch Church at 7:30pm come out and join us. Your voice can be heard and will be heard.

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