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80 years of AA

I just received this VERY EXCITING info regarding the On-Line version of The Grapevine from In celebration of our 80 years and our International Convention, the ON LINE version of the AA Grapevine Magazine will be available for the great price of $20. (Normally $34.97) You can only purchase the On-Line version, one of two ways for this special. #1. On-Line OR #2. in person at the International Convention. This sale is ONLY AVAILABLE from July 1 through July 6. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS GREAT SALE. IT'S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE A SPONSEE A GIFT, OR PERHAPS AN "OLD TIMER" THAT MAY NOT BE COMING AROUND SO MUCH ANYMORE......OR...EVEN GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF OUR MEETING IN PRINT.

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