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Don't let the weather get ya down!

Greetings from the frozen tundra here in NY we like to call the Hudson Valley! The chilly temps and winter storms have slowed us down a bit, but haven't stopped us. We are looking forward to our upcoming event with LICYPAA on Feb 28th in Hopewell Junction! Drop on over to our Events Page, download and distribute the flyer and get ready to sing your heart out! If you made it to one of our Karaoke events last year as ESCYPAA, you know it will be a screamer! Speaking of ESCYPAA, Have you preregistered for ESCYPAAII yet? If not click here to pre-register. ESCYPAAII events, plus some other surrounding events have also been added to the Outreach page. CH-CH-cHeCk iT oUt!!!!

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