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Hello family I know that it is that time of the year where Basketball is the Superbowl in March and the temperature is changing and people are feeling more alive. I also know its when we feel like our life is crazy and in complete madness. Some of us in these last few months have lost some close friends and family members. It is sad and we can let that sadness take over. I want you to know that HVYPAA is here for you. At the meeting tonight we heard a story from our Chair Matt how a King moved this boulder out of the way that was blocking everyone from getting to where they needed to go and had this young man move it. And under this boulder was riches that this king had hid there and let the young man keep it. It touched me because we all know how that boulder looks and feels like. We feel that life"s boulder is to heavy for us to move. That life is so screwed right now how can anything feel right again. I know it can seem so scary that we surrender and say take what is left. Some of us go back to our old lives and some just cant come back from they have become. Hvypaa wants you to know that you can come back you can make it that the light at the end of the tunnel is for you for me and for all who want it. That boulder you see that is standing in your way I want you to pick up that phone and say to everyone you know I am ready to move it with the help of everyone I see. You don't need to try and move it on your own, No you can move it with the force of those around you and when it it is moved you not only find the riches for yourself but now you have the riches to share and help the next person become Healthy, Happy and most of all SOBER. We love you ALL even if you don't think so WE DO. Be strong and keep your head up.

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