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It wouldn't be the HVYPAA Bonfire without a little rain. Thank you to everyone who braved some repeated torrential downpours on Friday and a muddy mess on Saturday that helped make this year's Bonfire another wonderful spiritual experience. The campground was so pleased with us this year and HVYPAA wants to thank everyone for being on their best behavior. We are invited back next year! A big shout out to our speakers from across the state carrying AA's message and ESCYPAA Host for their help cohosting this year. A special thank you to the ESCYPAA Advisory committee for meeting with us, the Host Committee and the other bid cities: WORCYPAA, STCYPAA, and ROCYPAA. Join us in Buffalo October 19-21, 2018 to see where's ESCYPAA goes next year.

So that's a wrap! The Bonfire signifies the end of the HVYPAA year so we are starting to look forward to our annual Elections to be held on Tuesday October 2, 2018 in Hyde Park, NY. We'd love to meet you so come get involved!

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