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Gearing up for the Bonfire

This past weekend, we traveled to Utica, NY for the ESCYPAA Advisory Mid-Year Event. If you haven't heard, we are continuing our bid to bring the Empire State Convention back to the Hudson Valley for the second time. Our Bid Facilities and Bid Book Chair and Subcommittee have been hard at work making sure we meet all bid requirements when we present our bid this fall in Buffalo at ESCYPAA 5 October 19-21 2018!

Since the Burning Desire Bonfire is only a few weeks away, HVYPAA's meeting schedule has been temporarily changed to add additional business meetings each week. HVYPAA will meet on the following dates, times and locations:

6/19/18 at 7:30pm Hyde Park

6/26/18 - NO MEETING

7/5/18 at 6:15pm - Kingston

7/12/18 at 6:15pm - Kingston

7/17/18 at 7:30pm - Hyde Park

7/24/18 at 7:30pm - Hyde Park

7/31/18 at 7:30pm - Hyde Park

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