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HVYPAA and WCNYPAA go Hollywood... babe

That's right folks, June is upon us. That can only mean one thing...HVYPAA and WCNYPAA are teaming up for their second annual dance! This year, we go Hollywood. Our Hollywood Ball will be held on June 22 at the Valhalla Methodist Church. For more details, please visit the events page. Just a friendly reminder, there is a dedicated page for HVYPAA VI, and we are now aiming to fill our round-the-clock meeting schedule. Please visit the HVYPAA VIpage to fill out the form and sign yourself (or a group) up to lead a meeting. A special thanks goes out to all who attended our BBQ at James Baird Park. The grill was hot and the kickball competition was even hotter (dramatic much?). It was great to get out and spend the afternoon with everyone! As always, thanks for supporting HVYPAA and our effort to carry AA's message and fellowship. -Jay

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