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We are a service committee of young people in AA. We host events to show that you can have fun in sobriety. We spread the message of hope, recovery, and unity to alcoholics. We learn and grow in our recovery through our involvement in service.

May 14, 2020

Join us tonight as we discuss our plans for our virtual Burning Desire Bonfire!

Ulster County will not be granting camping permits and Rip Van Winkle Campground will be closed this season. This was tough for us to hear as a committee, but it doesn't mean we haven't stopped planning on how to reach the newcomer! Please join us tonight, we're going to be talking about what our new "normal" looks like, and see what our CPC/PI chair has been doing with District 7 to get the word out to those young people looking for help during a time where they can't walk into a meeting like all of us did!

Service is the secret, see what you can give back and join us.

In love and service, 


HVYPAA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom me...

April 9, 2020

Hello YPAA family. We have some housekeeping to do!

HVYPAA has moved to an onine meeting, for access to this meeting please email or send us a message on the website. The days and times are the same!

We are currently reviewing our Bonfire date and will bring it to you as soon as we have decided what the best course of action is to take so that we are all healthy and safe while we fellowship.

Please reach out during this time if you need help, think you have a drinking problem, or are looking to come back into our family. We have strength in unity and living in today while investing in tomorrow is part of the YPAA experience. 

We hope you have found your "quiet place in bright sunshine" and we are always...

March 23, 2020

YES! It's already that time. The Burning Desire Bonfire has moved to JUNE of this year! We know we'll be ready to stretch our legs and get some face to face and heart to heart fellowship with all of you!

This year we're changing it up. Save the date for June 5th-7th. We're going to have events throughout the weekend that you can pick and choose from. All of HVYPAA's efforts are going in to reaching the next sick and suffering alcoholic during this time of quarantine so the Bonfire will be the next event that we will host.

We hope that you'll join us now, while we continue to carry the message, and in June to always have our hand out as young people in AA.

Yours in love and service,


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